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View of the large church


X: -2450 Z: -1950

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Heavy Threatlevel Threatlevel Threatlevel


Chain, Iron, Enchanted, Food

Health potions


Water source

Yes, in the fountain

Crafting table

Yes, in some of the shops


Abreton is a small sized town located north west of Yongton Abbey and south east of Aspermont . This town features a "mall" like area, a large church, a park with a fountain, a few houses, and a graveyard.


There are 9 chests in this area currently known, 6 being uncommon military, thus meaning the occasional iron armor, chain armor, enchanted iron weapons and bows, enderpearls, and arrows. As for the food chests, they contain most food but not cakes. Currently, there are no civilian or healing chests in this area, so have somebody that has the supplies heal you. Also, next to the mall like areas there is a fountain where you can refill your waterbottles.


Zombies are a big threat when arriving, in and around the city as well as inside the church as there can be up to 8 zombies on you if an arrow is shot, and up to 3 zombies visible in the city at all times. Few players have found this area as well, leaving the bandit count unknown, but if there are bandits, they are usually well equiped and should be avoided. There are a number of cobwebs and vines for zombies to become tangled in, and there are plenty of areas to climb out of reach. Add plenty of arrows in the loot chests around, and falling through many of the holes and broken floors is the biggest danger found here.


There are 10 jacsebalon graves to be found in this area.