(Planned to be renamed)

Temple of the Elements AKA Agnis Ignis
2012-08-15 21.38.35


X: 3600 Z: -3300

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Medium Threatlevel Threatlevel



Health potions


Water source


Crafting table




Located at (X 3600 Z -3300), this huge Temple/Arena has what looks like giant zombie statues trying to rip off the walls of the place. As of October 14, 2012, there is only one way to enter. Under the zombie statue with the blue symbol there will be a tunnel, not like the other tunnels there is a bit of an enterance. Inside there is and empty alchemy shop and some other unknown structures. The temple has 2 walls and in the center it shows all four of the elements.

Little to nothing is known about this place execpt for it has been under construction for the past two months by the staff and inside there are no chests, little to no zombies, no farms, and no possible loot at all. There is water in and outside of the temple though.

  • Tempel of the elements form above
  • Temple of the Elements, the Walls
  • Temple of the Elements, Walls
  • Temple of the Elements, Statue (a Minecraft "guy" Statue )

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