Anemos Sanctum
Very hard jump
A very hard jumping puzzle found in the Anemos Sanctum


X: 300 Z: -3000

Location Type


Zombie Threat

None, Whatsoever.



Health potions


Water source

Yes, the water elevators scattered around the dungeon.

Crafting table




WARNING: Do not attempt to travel to Anemos Sanctum from 24th August onwards, since it's closed for renovation!

The Anemos Sanctum is one of the few elite dungeons scatered around the world of MineZ. Located at (X: -300 Z: 3600), it is the most far North finished location of interest in the whole map. The dungeon itself is inspired from the RPG series Golden Sun and is considered one of the hardest areas in all of MineZ. Survival, alone or with a group, is close to impossible, due to the combination of lava, depth and zombie traps. When falling in a "deep" (4 blocks deep) trap, the player will find himself stuck there, forced to die of dehydration, hunger, zombie attack or player attack.

Lava Puzzle 2, angle

A look at the second lava parkour puzzle, one of the last puzzle rooms of the sanctum.

The StructureEdit

With over 20 "rooms" (as most of the obstacles are in very dark corridors), the completion of this dungeon requires incredible concentration and parkour skills. (Note: the Anemos Sanctum's parkour difficulty is much harder than the Spire.

The different obstacles present in the dungeon are the following:

  • Puzzle rooms (with riddles)
  • Parkour rooms
  • Pressure plate "sacrificial" rooms (rooms where the player must delest himself or a certain number of items. Note that arrows are a highly recomended "sacrifice" due to their low value and high stackability.)
  • Glass maze rooms (usually without any dangers but can sometimes be home to piston traps)

The End & LootEdit

The last room in the Anemos Sanctum contains a final lava-floored parkour track with 1-wide platforms requiring 2-far, 1-high jumps (3 of them.) with rudimentary statues on the sides. The end of this track leads to an iron door with a button that will never despawn to activate it. (Note that crossing this door will prevent you from going back in the "loot room", unless another player is in it.) In the room just before the iron door are 4 chests that can be looted.

As of Aug. 9th, 2012, the loot for the Anemos Sanctum's four final chest is virtually identical to that of the Spire. No food spawns there, but iron armor, enchanted bows and enchanted iron swords will respawn. The loot is considered by many players as a waste and the few who manage to complete the dungeon do it mainly for the thrill of the adventure.

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