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View from the bottom

Anvalia is a rather large town located at (X: 3180, Z: -545) underneath a large mountain. It is a hanging town made mostly of wood and glowstone. There are 6 different huts connected by broken walkways and a major center hut. All but one of the huts have chests. They are filled with simple food and other supplies. The center hut contains 2 pots_uncommon chests, meaning the can yield golden apples (rarely). Be on the watch for players at all times, as many will come here for the easy dungeon loot, and they could easily shoot you off of the walkways if you are not careful, however, the fact it is under a overhang it hides from all but one side, making it easy to see when players are arriving, however there IS a hole in the top leading directly into the pond at the bottom, be wary of this if you are planning on staying here for extended amounts of time. This is a good place to hold up and gather supplies for an adventure to the north. It has water both outside and in the main hut. There is also a crafting table in the center hut and one in the tunnel to the top. It has a high risk of falling because of the jumping to access the top and because of the amount of holes in the walkways. If you want to spend a lot of time in Anvalia then i suggest you memorize all the holes and the best route.

Anvalia is also home of the Anvalia Mines, a sort of mini-dungeon. The dungeon boasts 4 dungeon_in chests, and 1 dungeon_out chest, making it very worth it to camp at Anvalia, you can get easy iron armor and smite 4 and 5 swords. The Mines are relatively easy to get through, and easy to camp by going far enough away from them. A good strategy would be to loot all of the huts above, while making sure not to fall through the holes, wait for a little bit in one of the far huts, then go into the mines and get the loot, rinse and repeat until you have satisfactory gear.

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