This area is a big city, though not as big as Romero or Grimdale. This area is high in the north, as it is located at X: -2850, Z: -2140. This place is north west of Abreton and is walled and not badly destroyed. This area features a large church with rare items like enchanted iron armor and ender pearls, but doesn't spawn any health potions. Also, it has about 12 chests, though they are spread out the entire city. This should be considered a good stop for high experienced players traveling to Castle Byesford from the west coast.


This area has a high zombie spawn rate, so this place should be procceded with caution, as if an arrow is shot, death and zombies will be upon you in the tens. Players who have/should come here in a large party (2-4) as this place can sustain them. Inside Aspermont, there is a water refill fountain and pond inside the walls. As a large city, there is a wheat farm and has a cake placed in one of the houses. Speaking of which, there is a parkour tower (easy) with the hardest jump being a single side jump to get to a rare military chest. Chests here contain all assortment of items including ender pearls and enchanted iron armor. There are no chests in Aspermont that conatin paper, so it'll be a good idea to save paper for when you start bleeding.

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