Camp Bell
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X: 900, Z: 480

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Medium Threatlevel Threatlevel


Food, Leather, Chain,

Health Potions


Water Source


Crafting Table


Camp Bell is located east of Portsmouth and west of Romero, very near to Bell Farm. It is often camped for its high concentration of military chests, with 5 within the camp, and another 3 in a nearby building. There are 7 entrances to the Camp, with a Northern and Southern gate, as well as a hole in the wall next to the South-West tower. In Camp Bell it is difficult to find any food or medical supplies, and as a result, its inhabitants often call out for aid in these areas. It is difficult but possible to get full iron at Camp Bell, as well as find many powerful weapons. some enchanted bows and swords are also a rare find in chests.

It is recommended first gather food, medical items and decent weapons such as stone before entering Camp Bell. The only food/healing items you can find inside the camp is a chest under the eastmost staircase that rarely spawns, it can contain healing potions. Zombies are almost always inside so it is advised to get into one of the corner towers and defend against zombies. If you are low on food, then going to the Bell Farm is reccomended, due to the food spawns, and chests at the top of a tower that may generate weapons.

  • New Camp Bell
  • Old Camp Bell
  • Message Board
  • Road
  • Entrance

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