X:2500 Z:500

Location Type


Zombie Threat



About 15 chests

Water Source

On the coast, cauldrons, well

Carmi is a town in Minez and is located at (X: 2500 and Z: 500). There are about 15 chests there. chest there. Both of them can contain up to Enchanted swords and bows, and iron armor. This is a highly popular spot for beginners who spawn nearby, as stone swords, bows, and arrows are all common drops. There are also several crafting tables and furnaces in the stands by the center of the town, as well as a crafting table in the basement of one of the houses which is good if there are several zombies in the center by the stands, which there often will be. Carmi is also known for its large concentration of people. It is a great place to trade items, but it also has large amount of bandits.

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