Northwest Island
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- jamzte


X: -2189 Z: -3681

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Extremely Hostile Threatlevel Threatlevel Threatlevel Threatlevel Threatlevel


Chain, Food, Iron

Health potions


Water source


Crafting table




Castle Byesford has a very heavy spawn rate for zombies as there are mob spawners hidden within the wall. It is located on Northwest Island.

The main hall is the most dangerous area. There are also no zombie pigmen guarding the front. In the main hall, zombies spawn rarely and very slowly from mob spawners. The chest on the table at the end of the hall sometimes contains an enchanted iron sword or other good items, but it is very easy to raid the chest because of how many zombies spawn around the table and how easy it is to defend the table. The most zombies spawn in the entrance of the castle, so you should sprint away from there rather than fighting the zombies. If a zombie  chases you near the entrance, it is best to run away from the castle a bit and kill the zombie before you go back in.

If you go to the right, there is a stairwell where no zombies spawn. It is also easier to kill the horde of zombies that is probably chasing you in there. Walking up the stairs takes you to an area overlooking the first floor where no zombies spawn, and there are a few chests. If you go down, there is a lab with many chests in it and no zombies (except for one room that is blocked off from the rest). Food, iron, and chain is very common, especially iron and food. If you bring some buttons, you can get into a room with a lot of chests. Sometimes a double chest spawns in there. Loot can often include enchanted items, especially iron swords and bows. Get geared up well before you leave the basement.

There is also an outer wall of the castle with towers on it. Walking around inside the walls can be a little dangerous because there are still some zombies there, and there are only a few weak chests, so it's not worth it.

There is no water inside the castle itself, so stock up with 2 or more bottles before you enter it in case you get trapped in a safe zone. Healing potions are important to have, and an axe helps a lot when hordes are chasing you. Bows aren't useful because they make you crawl when firing. When exiting a safe zone, make sure you have consumed enough food to have a full hunger bar. Collecting rotten flesh from zombie hordes will be useful because you are likely to run out of good food.