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This Is where the developers of this forum would correct and place what is here but since I dont know.

Heres a map of MINEZ


New updated map.

dCity Locations (In order of South to North)
City Name Coordinates X, Z
Portsmouth -70, 500
Ridgevale 680, -570
Romero 1720, 400
Huntsgrove 1020, -40
Grimdale -1750, 370
Yawpton -1280, -530


1760, -1195
Forest -1550, -2000
Frostbain -340, -2660
Al Hasa 1600, -300
Camp Locations (From South to North)
Camp Name Coordinates X, Z
Camp Bell 900, 500
Logging Camp -1100, -950 (approx.)
Camp Kharj 990, -2580


Fixed by Loyal member: Shadow

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