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Crymoore Pond is situated at (X: -160 Z: -3340). It consists of one small house, and the head of HighlifeTTU and Jascebalon.

There is one mil_epic in each structure. These chests can spawn chain and iron armour, along with iron and enchated iron swords. Grenades and bows are The pond is quite far away from any food source with the closest being Abandoned Farm which is ~1250 blocks away.

The zombie spawn rate here is relatively low and bandits almost never stop by this location. It is recommended to camp here only if you are low on military gear and have an abundance of food.


  • Inside the house there is a sign that reads "YOUR TEARS ARE DELICIOUS" possible indicating the name "Crymoore Pond" means cry more as the owner of the house liked drinking peoples tears.