Desert Castle
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Image taken by, 4ppleseed

Coordinates for #1

X: ? Z: ?

Coordinates for #2

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Location Type


Zombie Threat



Leather, Food, Chain

Health potions


Water source


Crafting table




 There are two Desert Castles, one in disrepair and one completely with a wall that has been completely obliterated. Directly east of Grimdale these forts are often held by small groups of survivors due to the spawn of four chests containing chainmail armor and stone weapons, occasionally even iron weapons but most of the times their durability is very low.


The nearest water source is the sea, only a short walk from the castle. There is a source of food at ground level in the tower, one chest spawns there and can contain apples, wheat and cocoa beans, though it most of the times is not enough to keep multiple survivors alive. Be aware of a threat of bandits at the top level, they probably will have chainmail armor and stone/iron weapons and they are able to easily kill beginners and players with low level gear.

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