Devil's Castle
2012-08-04 14.42.53
Devil's Castle Tower


X: -870 Z: -1430

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Light Threatlevel


Food, Leather, Chain, Iron, Enchanted Items

Health potions


Water source


Crafting table




The Devils Castle is not much of a demonic area, the spawn rate of zombies is light.

The Devil's Castle is a ruined castle located North-West of Whitehaven. It contains Food, Leather, Chain and Iron Items. Additionally, the chest at the top of the tower often spawn Enchanted Bows and Iron Swords. You can also find a chest with enchanted items in the tower, which takes a few jumps and sprint-jumps to reach. You can also find a mess hall with 3 chests that spawn food. There's also a chest at the Blacksmith that contains mostly pieces of Leather Armor. In total there are 10 chests, although 2 of them are behind an Iron Door in the dungeons of the castle, which are military. Remember to bring 2 buttons if you decide to head to the dungeon. If you stay long enough you can get full iron and a enchanted bow fairly easily. Bandits are at a medium frequency, however if you go on US3 (PvE) you should be fine.

Devil's Castle is definitly worth walking to if you want to armor up. If you go there, take someone with you this makes travelling towards and away from it easier. It's a 3 minute walk from Whitehaven, and if you have 1 button with you should probably also check out The Lorfaul Mines , but be sure to take enough water with you, if you have a wooden bowl with you will be fine on food, the mess hall contains plenty of mushrooms. Otherwise bring food and a lot of it.

  • Interior of the castle from the top of the tower.
  • The chest at the top of the tower.
  • Devil's Castle Tower

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