X: 1650 Y: -2200

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Medium Threatlevel.png Threatlevel.png


Food, Chain, Iron weapons, Health potions

Health potions

Yes, in the church

Water source

Yes, in the ponds below

Crafting table

Yes, up stairs in 1 of the houses


Dried up river bed (Plain)

This is a very good place to stay as it has lots of food, health potions and weapons/armor, be careful as it is a prime location for bandits. As the city is suspended in the air, falling down is almost a certain death and as the bridges connecting the houses are badly damaged it is a good idea to crouch all the time. When fighting players and zombie's it is extremely easy to lose your footing and fall. There is a graveyard on the floor of the cave which has several chests which spawn food and all around the graveyard there are lots of mushrooms.