This town is called Elliom. Located near Al hasa, it at first appears to be a large stone hill, but when inspcted closer, one can see a village hanging from the roof of the large cavern underneath. The town itself can be entered only via the roof. However, there is a masive cliff that you must safely get down before you get to hte town. There is a Hole in the bridge at the top of the mountain were you can safely glide down vines to an area of bridge below. Once down this town is easly defendable from Zombies even though they may spawn on the bridges themselves. The town contains 4 military chests, a health pot chest, and a food chest. It has both water and a crafting table. By what I could tell there is only one way to get down from town after entering throught the top, and that is by finding a set of vines long enough to reach the floor. The main water hole is 1x1 deep and has lily pads placed randomly atop it so it will not be safe to jump in. The town is located at roughly (X: 1718 Z: -2170).