Evergreen Manor


X: -250 Z: -450

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Medium Threatlevel Threatlevel


Leather, Food, Chain

Health potions


Water source


Crafting table

Yes, on the first floor.




Evergreen Manor.

Evergreen Manor is a high-walled estate which requires a button for entry. It has 2 floors and an accessable roof all which have chests. There is no water within the Manor, aside from a few half-filled cauldrons that refill apon a server restart. There used to be no way out other than to use another button, but that has since been changed. There is no a small shed in the back of the estate and inside there is a button that will allow for the player to exit. It has been argued that the Manor's loot isn't sufficiently valuble to warrent using a button, however, there are 12 chests inside containing up to iron swords and chain armor behind the Manor is a Frozen Dam. This dam has 4 chests which spawn decent military gear and occasionally food. The Dam behind the Manor has a secret room within, to access it you have to push the button that is in the middle waterfall on the side of the dam. This opens a room on the opposite side that contains 2 chests, 3 workbenches and 2 Brewing stands.