Floating Islands
2012-09-30 18.57.17
Some of the few islands floating above the void


X: 2000 Z: -3800

Location Type


Zombie Threat



Armor and weapons

Health Potions


Water Source


Crafting Table




The Floating Islands are located North-East of Al Hasa, at (X: 2000, Z: -3800). The Floating Islands are floating above the void, surrounded by gravel mountains with steep drop-off into it. The gravel mountains are very steep, and can lead you to your death, so it is wise to take care while trying to travel down. It would be smart to get a spawn near Romero and then after getting a couple of health potions and food to then start your journey up to the floating islands. It is extremely dangerous with some of the chests being surrounded by zombie pigmen, but you should be fine. As of not too long ago, there has been a thought that a giant zombie spawns up there. There is a heavy threat of zombies. All of the chests usually spawn iron or chain with a chance of a power II Bow. Grenades will also spawn along with health potions. There is no crafting tables up there but there is a water source. Along with the Power II Bow, you can get almost a full durability Respiration III Iron Helmet and with pretty good durability as well, a pair of Feather Falling IV Iron Boots. Tip: Keep on moving fast and never take a long time to rearrange your inventory.
2012-09-30 18.59.37

The Island with the broken bridge.

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