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X: -1550 Z: -2000

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Medium Threatlevel Threatlevel


Leather, Chain, Food

Health potions


Water source

Yes, various locations

Crafting table




Forest is a town that is usually surrounded by zombies , but few are inside the actual town. There are a number of buildings that contain very basic loot such as wood swords and leather armor. There are a few spots that you may get chainmail armor, primarily from the rare military chest found in the fireplace of the middle manor. Food spawns occasionally on the surface, but more abundantly in the ravine near the broken down pillar. The Forest rarely contains more than two active people, usually none. Chests are very easily spotted and obtained. There are many spots to obtain water, and there is a fair number of cauldrons, some still containing water which suggests recent inhabitants. There is not a crafting table here, to reach one you must go to Frostbain or Mclovinville. However, Mclovinville is closer.

On the east side of Forest there is a huge, deep cavern containing large mushrooms, a mining shaft, multiple red and brown mushrooms to harvest, and multiple overgrown cabins. The loot is similar to that found on the surface. However, the zombie spawn rate in the ravine is much, much higher.

  • The Forest as viewed from inside the town
  • Forest at dusk
  • Looking into the Forest canyon
  • Looking across
  • A mineshaft leads to a dead end in the cavern
  • Looking up and across the cavern
  • Overhead Forest map