Fort Erie
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View from the outside


X: 430 Z: -1648

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Heavy Threatlevel Threatlevel Threatlevel


Leather, Chain, Iron, Food

Health potions


Water source

Yes, waterfall on south side

Crafting table




Fort Erie is an army fort located at the top of one of the mountains in the snow biome. It is most easily approached from the North side of the mountain. It is mainly visited for it's epic and rare military chests. But it also spawns many zombies both inside and outside of the fort. One reason for all the zombies (uncommonly known) is there is a zombie spawner in the fort. Water can be found nearby on the south side in a small section of a lake, or to the North-East in a river.

Be careful when you have reached Fort Erie. There may be many people there for the iron loot and there is little food, other then zombie flesh. Zombies also spawn right next to the steps and they might spawn on top of you. Never come without a good supply of food. There is no workbench located in the area.

  • View from the outside
  • Chest
  • The waterfall
  • Fort Erie- One of the many zombies that Will try and attack you and succeed.