Fort Kharj
Fort Kharj


X: 1270 Z: -3430

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Medium Threatlevel.png Threatlevel.png


Chain, Iron, Food

Health Potions


Water Source


Crafting Table


Fort Kharj is North-West of Al Hasa and has a skeleton of a dragon, located at (X 1270, Z -3430). The Fort lies in destruction with pits and fire everywhere. It is recommended that two people come to heal each other as the fire is very dangerous. It's a decent place for food and weapons. When you step up to the dragon's skull, there are 2 pressure plates that lead to an underground bar/pub. It is dangerous try to get in by yourself, you risk leaving yourself trapped in-between the pistons. It is best to get in with 2 people, that way, you will ensure your safety.

Underground, there is a locked door which requires a button to access it. Behind the door is a sacrificial chamber with two healing potion chests and an exit below it with a common military chest (note you can access this chest without going through the locked door).

Zombie threat is Medium, so you'll see groups of zombies here are there.


There are about 6 chests in this small fort (including the underground pub). 1 above in the fort and 5 down underground. The two in the pub have food.


There are currently no sources of water so be prepared with plenty to drink, or have enough to move between here and Al Hasa for water.

  • With the help of a kind and friendly person, we entered underground safely.

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