There are very few of these hulking beasts in the game. However, they are found across the land. There are

The giant tree between St. Roseluck and Huntsgrove. Also visible are some zombies.

eight Giant Trees found around the town of Forest. There are 3 located around and in the gravel valleys. There is one on the road heading north from Portsmouth, next to Consilio University. There are two others located at 1086, -263 and 1755, -350, respectively. All of the other giant trees, just like this one have a civ_hospital chest on the top of the tree with a way to parkour upto it. However, It is not worth the risk because it is easy to fall to your death. The civ_hospital's tier at top varies depending on each tree, along with the parkour difficulty and zombie spawn rate. The Giant Tree near Consilio University contains a farm with 1 melon hidden behind the tree. The Giant Trees surronding Forest cannot be parkoured. However, they can still be reached with a Grapple, but there is no point in doing so, as there are no civ_hospital chests awaiting you at the top.

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