Giant Zombie

Health 100 (50 Hearts)
Damage High
Spawn Forest, Giants Spawn, Alhasa, Cave of the Dying lady, Necromancer Tower, Floating Islands, Frostbain Catacombs (When activated by pressure plates)

0% except for specific areas listed above

Giant zombies are some of the most difficult enemies to overcome in MineZ, save for dungeon bosses or strong players.

Some info on giants

Giants are very powerful enemies, and can be overwhelming if fought alone. Bringing a friend or two will greatly increase your survival rate. Everyone having full iron armor and an iron sword is highly recommended. Health potions are also very helpful. If a player that contains the word, salty fights one, the player would die instantly. This may be a reference to the Salty ship being sunken after one blow. 

  • Giant Zombies only have two attacks. These are kicking and stomping.
  • When hit, the giant will release regular zombies and sometimes pigmen. and will stomp on the ground causing a shockwave. The farther you are, the more damage you take.
  • Giants are not effected by:
    • Splash potions of healing
    • Arrows
    • Grenades
    • Smite Enchantments
    • Bow
    • The player, Muironn


Chance drops

  • Diamond Sword (always full durability)
  • Infinity Bow
  • Golden Apple
  • Muiron's wheel

Always drops

  • Rotten Flesh

Spawn LocationsEdit

  • Alhasa (West of Alhasa)
  • Giant Spawn
  • Giant Rest
  • Cave of the Dead Lady x2 (spawns via button press)
  • Floating Islands (The third island is a giant spawn)
  • Frostbain Catacombs (via pressure plate)
  • Test of Virtues x2 (light path, via button press) (please note this location is no longer open)
  • Forest
  • East of Sunken Tower
  • Random locations in the Gravel and Valley area