Shears are used to check how much health a player has and as the final step in healing others.  If you do not have a bandage, shears will damage people that you hit.

Red DyeEdit

Red Dye is used in the process of healing others and does not have any other current use. Rose red will provide an extra 4 seconds duration to the regeneration time healing provides, effectively doubling the amount of hearts recovered which in total heals 10 health (5 hearts).

Lime DyeEdit

Lime Dye can only used on other players. It is only currently used for curing the zombie sickness players rarely acquire when hit by a zombie.

How To Heal and Cure Other PlayersEdit

To heal or cure other players, you must first left-click on a player with a bandage to apply it. After you apply the bandage, you may then left-click to apply the red dye, to heal the player, or the lime dye, to cure them of the zombie disease. However, these dyes are not required and you can heal others without them, you can also use both dyes in one heal. You then left-click on them with shears to finish off the heal. If you successfully heal someone, pinkish/purplish particles come off of the player. After healing, you may not heal that same person for up to five minutes. Note: Your shears must be in your bottom bar or the game will not let you begin healing.


When a player heals any other players sixteen times in one life, they become a healer. This is shown by a green nametag. They are rare, but are sometimes found in southern towns. Healers usually have good equipment, but carry around lots of bandages and health potions.