Hell Tree
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X: -900 Z: -3900

Location Type

Zombie Threat



chain/iron armor, iron and stone swords

Health potions


Water source


Crafting table




Location and DescriptionEdit

The Hell Tree is a tree made out of glowstone and netherrack and is located to the north (X: -900 Z: -3900). There are four chests inside the top of the tree, two chests close to the bottom of the tree, and two chests on the "ring" around the bark.


There is usually enchanted iron/chain armor in the chests with some enchanted iron swords. Enchanted armor is rare, but there are some decent enchants like iron swords with Smite II. There are no sources of food on the island. The most common spawning items are chain armor and iron swords.


The tree can only be accessed by a bridge requiring a pressure plate for use. The bridge disappears eventually, so it is reccomended to travel in groups while some party members loot, one or more can guard the plate from bandits and activate it after the looting process is complete.

There are zombie spawners in the area which increase the chance of the place to be overrun by zombies, approach the place carefully.

Food and water is essential, also know bandits and zombies will sometimes come here looking for trouble. It is wise to bring a friend with you in case of trouble.

  • The Hell Tree on the official Minez Map
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Giant tree

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