Some items and their functions have been changed in the game. The list below details how they are used, regardless of whether they have been changed or not. In addition, all items have been rendered unstackable unless otherwise noted.

Most of these items are obtained looting from chests or deceased players. Cookies, snow blocks, diamond blocks, bread, melon blocks and mushroom stew are the only craftable items.


Satisfies hunger. All edible items restore Halfheart unless otherwise noted.

Item Icon Hunger Restored Notes
Apple Apple icon32 18px-Hunger.svg18px-Hunger.svg Can often be found in chests.
Golden Apple Goldapple icon32 18px-Hunger.svg18px-Hunger.svg Grants regeneration I for 5 seconds, usually healing up to 18px-Heart svgHalfheart. Also found in churches and food chests. can also be eaten when at full hunger, which can "supercharge" hunger saturation for long-lasting hunger.
Watermelon Melonslice icon32 18px-Hunger.svg Seeds cannot be planted. Stacks to 4.
Cake Cake icon32 18px-Hunger.svg Once cake has been placed, it cannot be picked up. Has 6 uses, and does not restore any health.
Bread Bread icon32 18px-Hunger.svg18px-Hunger.svg
18px-Half Hunger.svg

Stacks to 3.

Cookies Cookie icon32 18px-Hunger.svg Stacks to 8 Good for a primary source of food.
Mushroom Stew Mushroomstew icon32 18px-Hunger.svg18px-Hunger.svg18px-Hunger.svg Upon consumption, bowl is conserved for reuse.
Rotten Flesh Rottenflesh icon32 18px-Hunger.svg18px-Hunger.svg Has an 80% chance of inflicting food poisoning (18px-Poisoned Hunger.svg) upon consumption, does not restore any health. Has also a small chance of causing zombie infection.
Cocoa Beans Cocabean icon32 Inedible

Used for crafting cookies. Stacks to 3.

Wheat Wheat icon32 Inedible Used for crafting cookies and bread. Stacks to 3.
Red/Brown Mushroom Redmushroom icon32Brownmushroom icon32 Inedible Used for crafting mushroom stew. Can be collected by looting or being broken by a Wooden Hoe.


See Healing for more information.

Item Icon Function
Health Potion Healingpotion icon32

Depending on potion strength:

  1. 18px-Heart svg 18px-Heart svg 
  2. 18px-Heart svg 18px-Heart svg 18px-Heart svg 18px-Heart svg
  3. 18px-Heart svg
Water Bottle Waterbottle icon32

Resets your thirst level to 20.

Drinking empties the bottle for reuse.

Milk Bucketmilk icon32 Cures food poisoning and zombie infection.
Bandage Paper icon32 Cures bleeding and restores Halfheart. If used of yourself, it will be consumed, to use on other players you will need shears.
Shears Shears icon32 Used to heal other players with a bandage. See Healing for more info.
Lime dye Limedye icon32 Used in conjunction with shears to cure zombie infection on other players.
Rose dye Rosereddye icon32 Used in conjunction with shears and bandage to make regeneration period more effective.



Item Icon Strength / Notes
Wooden Sword Woodensword icon32 Damage: 18px-Heart svg18px-Heart svg
Stone Sword Stonesword icon32 Damage: 18px-Heart svg18px-Heart svgHalfheart
Stone Axe Stoneaxe icon32

Damage: 18px-Heart svg18px-Heart svgHalfheart

Is capable of huge knockback and cleaving multiple hostiles at once.

Iron Sword Ironsword icon32 Damage: 18px-Heart svg18px-Heart svg18px-Heart svg
Diamond Sword Diamondsword icon32 Damage: 18px-Heart svg18px-Heart svg18px-Heart svgHalfheart
Bow Bow icon32

Damage (Fully drawn): 18px-Heart svg18px-Heart svg18px-Heart svg18px-Heart svgHalfheart

Requires Arrow icon32 to fire. Successful headshots deal 2x damage.


Tier Type Icon Armor Rating
Leather Armor Full Set Leatherhelmet icon32Leatherchestplate icon32Leatherleggings icon32Leatherboots icon32 18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Half Armor.svg
Helmet Leatherhelmet icon32 18px-Half Armor.svg
Chest Leatherchestplate icon32 18px-Armor.svg18px-Half Armor.svg
Leggings Leatherleggings icon32 18px-Armor.svg
Boots Leatherboots icon32 18px-Half Armor.svg
Chainmail Armor Full Set Chainmailhelmet icon32Chainmailchestplate icon32Chainmailleggings icon32Chainmailboots icon32 18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg
Helmet Chainmailhelmet icon32 18px-Armor.svg
Chest Chainmailchestplate icon32 18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Half Armor.svg
Leggings Chainmailleggings icon32 18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg
Boots Chainmailboots icon32 18px-Half Armor.svg
Iron Armor Full Set Ironhelmet icon32Ironchestplate icon32Ironleggings icon32Ironboots icon32 18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Half Armor.svg
Helmet Ironhelmet icon32 18px-Armor.svg
Chest Ironchestplate icon32 18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg
Leggings Ironleggings icon32 18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Half Armor.svg
Boots Ironboots icon32 18px-Armor.svg

Diamond Armor

(Only Chestplate can be obtained)

Full Set Diamondhelmet icon32Diamondchestplate icon32Diamondleggings icon32Diamondboots icon32 18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg
Helmet Diamondhelmet icon32 18px-Armor.svg18px-Half Armor.svg
Chest Diamondchestplate icon32 18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg
Leggings Diamondleggings icon32 18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg18px-Armor.svg
Boots Diamondboots icon32 18px-Armor.svg18px-Half Armor.svg


  • Remember that weapons and armor can be repaired even without a crafting bench. Two items of the same type and material can be placed anywhere on the crafting grid and the result is a single repaired item. The repaired item will have usage points equal to the sum of the old items' usage points plus a 'repair bonus' of 10% of the item's maximum uses, up to a limit of the maximum durability for that item.* Enchanted equipment loses it's enchantment when repaired. This makes item repair essential for survival in MineZ given the scarcity of supplies.

​*Better wording courtesy of .


Enchantment Effect

I / II / III

Sword deals a bonus of up to 1 1/2 / 3 / 4 1/2 extra damage to players and zombies. Will always inflict 1/2 hearts more damage per level.

I / II / III

Sword deals a bonus of up to 2 / 4 / 6 extra damage to zombies only. Will always inflict 1/2 hearts more damage per level.

I / II / III

Sword knocks enemies 4 / 6 / 8 blocks when successfully hit.

I / II

Bow deals 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 extra damage to players and zombies when successfully hit.

I / II

Bow knocks enemies 4/6 blocks when successfully hit.

I / II

Reduces damage received by # / #. (needs details)

- I / II will work at *roughly* blocking 6.25% damage per piece of armor per level -

Feather Fall

I / II / III / IV

Reduces fall damage received by 1/2 / 1 / 1 1/2 / 2 hearts. Will also negate damage when fallen based on level.


Item Icon Function
Iron Shovel Ironshovel icon32 Used to destroy cobwebs, cactus and mossy cobblestone.
Wooden Hoe Woodenhoe icon32 Can harvest melons and mushrooms.
Stone Button Stonebutton icon32 Used to open iron doors. Disappears after 60 seconds.
Cobweb Grid Cobweb Placed in key areas to slow zombies and players when they pass through it.
Cactus Cactus icon32 Can only be placed on sand. Deals Halfheart damage when touched.
Snowball Snowball icon32 Briefly distracts zombies in a small radius
Ender Pearl Enderpearl icon32 Functions as grenades. Attracts all zombies in a 100m radius when used. Does 18px-Heart svg18px-Heart svg18px-Heart svg damage to players, ignoring armor.


Item Icon Function
Eye of Ender Eyeofender icon32 Used to communicate server wide. When in the item bar, you can hear players in that channel. Slot 1 = Channel 1, Slot 2 = Channel 2, etc. When the eye is held, your text will be sent to the respective channel.
Arrow Arrow icon32 Used by bow as ammunition. Stackable to 15
Bowl Bowl icon32 Used for making mushroom stew.
Empty Bottle Glassbottle icon32 Can be refilled at any non-flowing water source.
Book Book icon32

Crafted by combining three paper. Currently has no use.

Melon block Melonblock icon32

Crafted by combining nine Melon slices. Currently has no use.

Snow block Snowblock icon32

Crafted by combining four Snowballs. Currently has no use.

Gunpowder Gunpowder icon32

Looted from epic chests. Can be used to brew splash potions.

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