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X: 980 Z: -2020

Location Type


Zombie Threat

High (between 7 - 15 in the area ) + Pigmen


Iron, Grenades, Iron Swords, Bows, ?

Health potions


Water source

Yes in the well

Crafting table




Knoxmoor is a small town with an outpost and a tavern. Aside it there is a liitle graveyard and stand.

There is a well in the middle of the town which provides a water source. The stone brick tower contains a chest at the top which can spawn chain armor, iron armor, iron swords, grenades, and rarely enchanted iron swords and bows. The inn itself contains up to three chests which spawn the same loot as the tower. One is on the bottom floor, behind the desk, the second and third are on the second floor. The Pirate Ship nearby can supply your food needs, since the inn itself contains none.

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