Logging camp
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The main "item farm"


X: -1100 Z: -900

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Heavy Threatlevel Threatlevel Threatlevel


Leather, Chain, Iron, Food

Health potions


Water source


Crafting table




The Logging Camp is usually a good place to farm items. There are three buildings, each with their own chests. Often, you can get shears, ointments, and bandages in a small amount of time. Ender pearls can also be found, as well as rarely spawning enchanted items on the waterwheel. The logging camp can be found north of Yawpton near the river.

The Logging Camp is a very good place to get full chain armor, and it will spawn an occasional piece of iron armor. But the Logging Camp is very dangerous as Zombies tend to spawn directly in the middle of the whole camp making transition from one building to next quite a challenge. But it is recommended that you do not go to this location by yourself as the zombies will spawn in groups of 5 or greater.

  • Logging Camp
  • Logging Camp
  • Sign near Logging Camp