Lorfaul Mines
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X: -760 Z: -2000

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Medium Threatlevel Threatlevel


Stone, Chain, Iron, Enchanted Iron

Health potions


Water source


Crafting table




A mine found at the end of of the Ravine Bridge. There are three stone pressure plates that must be pushed at the same time for the door to open. However, if one person runs between two pressure plates, and another person stands on the one near the door, you can get in with only two players, and there's a pressure plate on the other side of the door to get out. It is also possible for one to just use a button to gain entrance into the mine. Water and food are not found in any of the chests so make to bring enough for as long as you plan on staying.

Descending Steps Edit

After gaining entrance to the mine you will be required to go down a few ladders before reaching the descending steps. These steps descend to the core of the mine where all the chests are. There are areas that require a sprint jump but nonetheless they are not very challenging.

Detailed Loot Edit

After a series of parkour leading to the very bottom, there are plenty of chests scattered across. Chain armor and iron swords are common while iron armor is uncommon in these chests. There is a lava pit in the very middle which beholds a chest containing valuable enchanted items such as Feather Fall III boots. To get to this chest you will have to sprint jump once onto a single block but if you fail you will fall into lava. Bringing health potions is recommended for survival in the event that one does fall in. Additional bandaids are also recommended because the lava will cause bleeding effect.

  • Lorfaul Mines
  • Lorfaul pressure plates
  • 'Feather Fall III' Iron Boots