2012-07-22 21.57.32
This ville is full of Mclovin


X: -1322 Z: -1556

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Medium Threatlevel Threatlevel


Iron, Leather, Chain.

Health potions


Water source

Yes, in the wooden tent

Crafting table

Yes, on the second level



Currently, Mclovinville is a fort far in the north. It spawns iron weapons abnd armour and bows, and has the closest crafting bench to Forest. Zombies slowly spawn in and around the fort. It is a fort composed of tents, so it is believed that when the settlers came here, they didn't get very far before the zombies got them all.

Chests can be found in the first tent, on the left, underneath the main building at the back of the ville, and ontop of the same building on the roof.

  • It's official!
  • View from inside

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