The ModificationEdit

Although it may seem like this game needs a client side mod to play, it does not. All modifications are server-side. That's right! That means that you can just play with your vanilla minecraft client.

The modification itself adds only a few changes to the Minecraft server, but combined with the other mods/plugins it makes a beautifully crafted way to play. Here are the overall additions/modifications of the MineZ server:

-Zombies are faster, smarter, and hit harder

-Removed stackability on most items

-Enderpearls have a new purpose

-Tweaked Giants

-Paper now has a new purpose

-Lime Dye/Rose Red Dye now have a new purpose

-Shears now have a new purpose

-Added PMS

-And More!

Added FeaturesEdit

1. Zombies: These creepy brutes are now scarily smart! They will travel in packs, run almost as fast as you sprinting, and deal 2 hearts of damage to the unarmored traveler. A good way to avoid them is by sneaking. Sneaking reduces your VISIBILITY, which makes the zombies less likely to spot you and eat your pixelated brains. They are distracted by SNOWBALLS, which can be used to draw an angry mob off of you, and on to your worst enemy!

2. Thirst: You spawn with a halfway repaired leather chestplate, a fully repaired wooden sword, and a bottle of water. Why a bottle of water? Your XP (the number, not the bar, which is your VISIBILITY) is how thirsty you are. If your water level reaches 0, you will start to take periodic (about every 2 seconds) damage (.5 heart). This can and will kill you.

3. Hunger: Hunger is also tweaked so you lose hunger faster, and in the North of the map food is not as common as South. This makes it really hard if you have to travel a long time with more players. But since zombies have a 25% chance to drop zombie flesh you can survive. BUT you have to try to run as little as possible. This is the same for jumping. So stay on the road if you're traveling or try to walk at the side of a river. The best food is cookies, because they stack by 8 and give you 1 hunger per cookie. And they heal, just like apples and melons, a halve heart per cookie.

4. Healing: In some villages you can find health potions. These are extremely handy if you are traveling by your own. But if you are with more players, you can heal each other. You have to click (left) on a player with a bandage, OPTIONAL is to hit him/her with a dye (RED for extra healing, GREEN for infection heal), and then hit the player with a shear. This also stops bleeding. But be carefull: A player can only be healed once in 5 minutes, so only heal at 6 hearts or less. Also try to heal before you logout of the game.