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The Welcome to Paluster


X: -450 Z: -1605

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Medium Threatlevel.png Threatlevel.png



Health Potions


Water Source

Yes (In the water falls)

Crafting Table




Paluster is a little village located Northeast of Whitehaven, at (X -450, Z -1605). The village consists of 9 little buildings on a boardwalk surrounding a big tree in the middle. Paluster is surrounded by some water falls, and it looks like ice geysers, with the ice coming out of the frozen lake it sits on. Each of the 9 houses has 1 chest in it, and one chest may spawn up on the big tree. Zombies spawn often in groups of three or four randomly, inside or outside the village. It's best to fight them while standing on the boardwalk, and the zombies under you. Even with this method, I would still recommand having a bow with you. The crafting tables are in a building with some bookshelves in it, behind the big tree when you come in through the entrence. It is a very nice town to get food and basic supplies but be aware bandits come here in groups of (2-6), and arrive very often, it is best to stay in groups and be prepared to fight when you arrive. The Dungeon being built under Paluster is the Elite Dungeon of Water. This is a popular location for Bandits to server hop.

  • The sign in the leaves of the center tree.
  • The "Ice Geysers".
  • Center Tree
  • Center Tree

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