Pileus, before it was converted to a Red Mushroom.

Pileus is one of the northern areas with much food and is located at (X: 3670 Z: -1490). Zombies regularly spawn there, however, the zombies may be easily apprehended by knocking them off. This town consists of mushrooms. There are many upsides to this city, however, there are also many downsides.

These upsides include stairs, for confusing these zombies, and it's basically a stopping point for a player's food needs. For your best experience, bring a bowl, and a hoe. This settles any food needs while raiding the chests. Fortunately, this place, consists of tight spots to fight the zombies off, one by one.

There are downsides in this place of mushrooms. Unfortunately, going to this place is basically useless when hitting up for armor. This town has holes across it's boardwalks, so it's best to watch your step. Finally, the dangerous of them all. You are most vulnerable when climbing up the stalk, for you are locked in a tight range, and you are forced to fight your way out if you must.