Pirate Ship
2012-08-07 23.05.47
The Pirate Ship as it appears at the bottom of what most likely used to be a lake, now covered in moss and dirt.


X: 780 Z: -2280

Location Type

Ship (Camp)

Zombie Threat



Food, leather, Chain, Iron.

Health potions


Water source

Yes, in the back of the boat

Crafting table




The Pirate Ship consists of 6 chests, 4 of them in the hull, one in the captains room, and one on the top mast of the ship. The hull chests contain basic supplies, but the chest at the top of the center mast has chain and iron equipment, and the captain's quarters chest has a military rare 4 chest. It appears the boat either sank or was left there when the lake dried up. It's Southeast of Camp Kharj.

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