Minez portsmouth by mrcastlemuscle-d57n3k8
Aerial view of the city


X: -100 Z: 530

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Medium Threatlevel Threatlevel


Leather, Food, Swords, Healing

Health potions

Yes, at the church

Water source

Yes, the ocean and fountain at the mansion

Crafting table

Yes, in the basement of the barn



Lootable Graves

Yes in the graveyard, 3

Portsmouth is one of the main cities in MIneZ. It is found along the coast, in between Grimdale and Camp Bell . In there you can find lots of food, wheat, cocoa beans, weapons, and have a good source of water, since you are near the ocean. There is a church, that uncommonly spawns potions. 4 chests will spawn there, 2 on each side. If you came from the desert way in, there is a hill near the entrance. The chest in the hill is actually a zombie trap. But, it will reward you something. Near the docks, out in the water, there is a blacksmith (you can tell by the lava), and has a chest that can contain stone swords. If you are coming in from the east, there is a horse stable. There is a workbench, and there is a chest that can contain arrows, food, and stone swords. There is also a hidden chest that can contain a button, arrows, food, and a stone or wooden sword. There is a graveyard, that has 3 chests in the basement. The chest on the far left is zombie trap with very little loot besides rotten flesh and bandages. According to several visits, threre are 3 zombie spawns, each spawning 4 zombies at night and 3 at day, but most people there are nice and will help you kill zombies. Other chests include a tool chest (Which can contain a button, bandage, food, swords, shears, dye, or leather armor) and 2 shop chests (containing mostly food but sometimes bandages, shears, dye, or leather armor) in the mansion. In the maze beside the mansion there is another shop chest in the middle. It can be easily reached by jumping on the fountain or extra leave block and going on top. There is a shop chest at the end of each peir and 2 in the shed next to one of them. There are shop chest located in varios locations around the town. There is also another tool chest in the run-down house that you see just beyond the horse stable if you are approching from Camp bell. This town is a great town for restocking and preparing for a journey, containing health potions, food, armor, and healing supplies. It is a popular town for bandits and survivors alike. Some servers might have leather people healing eachother, some might have chain people killing newly spawned. Generally the bandit level changes every 15 minutes. So a short stay is highly recomended.
  • Aerial view of Portsmouth

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