View of Romero looking north


X: 1660 Z: 400

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Heavy Threatlevel Threatlevel Threatlevel


Leather, Food

Health potions


Water source


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Romero is the biggest city in MineZ, Romero is a place where zombies are always a major threat. This balances out because of the the amount of loot found, but not the quality of the loot. A decent number of players can be found here, but most do not try and purposely attack others due to the fact that there is usually someone else in the other building. There is a sewer below the city and contains a room only accesible to players with a button, and if lucky, some chests can be found. There are many buildings in Romero, some ranging from bakeries that contain wheat and occasionally cocoa beans to the Romero church that contains Healing I, Healing II splash potions, and golden apples.

The SewerEdit

With the underground water system covering most of the town's area and containing decent loot, it is often considered a nice escape plan for players that are being chased by zombies, as the mobs rarely manage to follow someone that flees there. Behind two iron doors are a grate which contains two chests, but a button is needed to access them. An escape route can also be found, leading to two iron doors that will help a player flee the city if he possesses a button. The escape route can be found south of the sewers.

Strategy and TacticsEdit

Due to the high number of players spawning very close to the city and the scarcity of "veteran" players that have survived for a long time and are carrying high-tier loot, killing other players is often not a good tactic. Bottles, basic food and other tools to short-term survival can be obtained in the city, making a stay worthy if one can avoid or safely kill zombies and players. It is rather more profitable to loot a few rotten flesh pieces to temporarely restore hunger and head to any of the places cited above for better chances of survival. A good place to fend off zombies is the church, because the entrances all have cobweb blocking them and chests that spawn health potions. Also, make haste in getting Heath Potions from the church, as bandits tend to camp there for travels to the north, as it is relatively a safer place than Grimdale.

The BridgeEdit

The bridge is a structure leading to a new land, it is currently under construction, the only way to get there is to go to the bridge. The use of the top area makes it easily defendable against players, very few people even know about it, making it a very safe base, persuming you have enough supplies.