X: -2750 Z: -300

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Threatlevel Threatlevel Threatlevel Heavy


Leather, Chain, Food, Iron

Health potions

Yes, in the church

Water source

Yes, fountain, ocean.

Crafting table




2012-08-27 00.57.50
Somnia is a town in MineZ located on a swamp island on the far, western edge of the map.

Somnia is known for its huge clocktower that is situated near the center of town, which contains military chests at the top. Chainmail armor, iron armor, iron swords with Smite III and Knockback I, and bows with Power II and Punch I can be found in them. There is also a very rare chance of finding grenades and gunpowder. To access them, you should parkour up the stairs to the balcony and then you can climb to the very top on vines. It's then possible to safely fall down to the two chests at the top. WARNING: The lower chest spawns a zombie upon opening. Be careful when climbing down again as fall damage is likely. Health potions can always be found in the church as well as a small chance of finding a golden apple. Somnia is abundant in food chests (be sure to check all the market stalls). If you have a hoe, the surrounding swamp is a plentiful source of mushrooms and bowls can be found in some of the houses to make them into stew.

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