St Roseluck Island
View of St Roseluck Island, outside the entrance.


X: 2100 Z: -450

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Small Threatlevel


Leather, Food, Chain

Health potions

At the church. Use left path at entrance.

Water source

Yes, in wells and flowing springs. the ocean is also directly outside

Crafting table

Yes, near entrance




St Roseluck Island is a medium sized short-walled city located north east of Romero across the water. This city features a church with potion chests, a bar/pub with food, and a variety of other buildings usually containing a single chest. Some buildings have basements, as does the large church in the middle.


There are plenty of food chests to be found along the entrance to town, as well as a bar/restaurant style building located on the right-hand side containing a loaded food chest. All food types available are found within this city like mushrooms, melons, apples, wheat, cocoa beans, milk, and water. Potions are located in two chests at the church (follow the left path). Water can be found all around the city and in wells and streams found inside the walls. Loot found includes leather and chain armor, stone and wood swords, wooden hoe, arrows and paper.


Zombies are in abundance in and around the city walls, usually in groups of 1-3. With the decent loot and and almost no players, this place is a great place to visit.

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