Stillwater Motte
2012-09-26 14.28.48
The entrance


X: -2650 Z: -1430

Zombie Threat

Light Threatlevel


Leather, Chain, Iron, Ender Pearls

Health Potions


Crafting Bench


Water Source


This small island is located at (X -2650, Z -1430). It contains 4 chests. 2 spawn in the houses and 2 in the tower. The town contains a small farm where 4 wheat grow. There's no crafting bench, but water won't be a problem. As of current the tower no longer has a permanent button and one (maybe two if there isn't a pressure plate) buttons are required to access the loot in the tower.


The loot in the houses is decent enough. One will find chain armor, smite I swords, bows, arrows, medical supplies and other general purpose items. Food is however, rare. There is only one chest which has been found to only contain cocoa beans and melons. Inside the tower, you'll find the same weapons and armor, plus stone axes. Zombies are common enough for a steady rotten flesh source. The small farm has quickly regenerating wheat that may be harvested if one has a hoe but there is currently no crafting box in town to use to make bread or cookies.


The loot easily outweighs the danger, but for the sake of information, here's what you should look out for:

  • Zombies spawn in groups of 1-3, but most of the time they hang around outside the walls in the water.
  • If you have no milk or antibiotics, and don't want to risk eating rotten flesh, there's not enough food to sustain yourself here.
  • Make sure to bring food as this place is very isolated from food bearing areas, the nearest being Arbreton or Yongton Abby, and starvation is likely.
  • Standing at the entrance.
  • Inside the town.
  • Looking down from the base of the tower.

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