On this blog i have decided to share some tips :D

(Not battle tips or strategy, just nice tips)

First i would like to share some information helping you figuring out where you are in the world of MineZ.

1. The sun and the moon both rise in the east and set in the west.

2. Clouds drift North. This is handy when traveling to Al Hasa.

3. One full day of Minecraft is 20 minutes. Although zombies spawn alot during the day, they seem to spawn more at night. You should use your time wisely.

Ok now heres some tips regarding lag. Lag will kill you. To avoid lag, I play on these game video settings.

Render Distance: Normal

Clouds: Off (unless I need to know where I am)

Particles: Decreased

View Bobbing: Off

Graphics: Fast

Smooth Lighting: On

Performance: Max FPS