Iron Sword

The Iron Sword, The second best weapon in Minez.

Weapons in Minez are very important as they protect you from Players and Zombies. You start with a Wood Sword. Better Weapons appear in higher Military chests. The best being Mil_epic. The best sword that does the most damage is the Smite III KnockBack I Iron Sword, It takes 3 hits to kill a Zombie with this. The best Bow is the Power II Punch I Bow. These are only obtainable from Mil_epic chests.

Weapon DamageEdit

Name Image Damage Durability Obtained From?
Wood Sword 4 60 Spawned in Mil_common and Civ_common.
Stone Sword 5 132 Spawned in all Mil chests except Mil_epic, Also common in Civ_tool chests.
Iron Sword 6 251 Spawned in Mil_uncommon to Mil_epic. Best enchantment is Smite III KnockBack I.
Diamond Sword 7 1562 Best Sword in the Game, Dropped by Giants.
Stone Axe 4 132 Mil_common to Mil_rare.
Iron Shovel 3 251 Civ_tool chests
Bow+Arrows 9 385 Mil_common to Mil_epic. Also Civ_tool. Best enchantment Power II. Infinity Bows are dropped by Giants.
Snowball 2 1 Civ_common chests
EnderPearl/Grenade 6 1 Mil_rare - Mil_epic.
Slimeball/Flash Grenade 6 1 Dropped by Pigmen.

Special Weapons

Name Image Info
ShotBow Bow Obtained at the end of the Elite Dungeon: Frostbain Catacombs. Shoots Multiple Arrows like a shotgun. Comes with Punch II encahntment.
Agni's Rage Iron Sword Obtained from the parkour challenge at the Staue of Agni. The chest is at the tip of the sword.
Gamble Stone Sword Obtained from Tristitia Puzzle. Use: 25% chance of hitting 6-10 damage. If the damage isnt dealt, you are hit yourself.
Overkill Diamond  Sword Obtained from the Dark Mansion Mil_epic chest. Use: Deals Extra damage but gives you weakness for 10 seconds
Vampyr Iron Sword Obtained From the Mil_epic chests in the Sacrificial Pit. Use: 25% Chance to heal you 1 damage every hit.

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