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X: -524 Z: -1096

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Heavy Threatlevel Threatlevel Threatlevel



Health potions


Water source

None, only Water Bottles in Chests

Crafting table

Yes, In the central house



Whitehaven is a town located slightly North and East of the Logging Camp. Whitehaven is a town infamous for its abundance in food and medical supplies (though no potions can be located in Whitehaven). Whitehaven has 6 houses and 17 chests in which you can most commonly find apples, wheat, cocoa beans and leather or wooden items. The central house in Whitehaven contains a crafting box and may have cacti, cobweb, iron shovels and hoes. Because of the surplus of food in Whitehaven bandits often make this town their home as they can easily replenish their hunger and if they are in a group; their health as well. Overall, Whitehaven is an excellent town for food supplies. If no bandits make the town their own, a player alone in the town can easily fill their inventory with food supplies. Whitehaven is moderately populated with an average of 4-5 players in the town at one time.

The shortcomings of Whitehaven are that there are no higher level weapons or armor to be found there (though stone swords may spawn in the main house), no potions spawn, and there is no water source in the town (the closest river is frozen though water bottles can occasionally be found in chests) Zombies spawn rate can range from low to high.

  • Whitehaven
  • Whitehaven
  • Inside a lodge at Whitehaven

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