Looking at the center tower


X: -1300 Z: -500

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Light Threatlevel


Leather, Chain, Food, Iron Swords

Health potions

Yes, pressure plate on 2nd level of the tower.

Water source

Yes, the fountain

Crafting table

Yes, in the blacksmith



Yawpton has small amounts of food, chain armor, and some iron in the house behind the fountain. Before the beginning of August 2012, Yawpton was a popular place for players to band together into four-man or five-man parties to proceed to a larger city. However, Yawpton is now unsafe due to overabundance of bandits as well as zombies. Not only are zombies within the town a threat, but zombies from the surrounding wood tend to wander into Yawpton, which can bump the total zombie count to as high as 9. The forests south of Yawpton has little to no zombies, which may be due to spawning behavior. Although the original design of Yawpton only included an iron access door and a single opening, the town was abused for its safety by droves of players creating armies, and its walls were broken by the admins. Now there are large openings in the all but the north wall, allowing easy access for zombies that spawn on the outer edge of the city.

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