Yongton Abbey
2012-08-01 22.21.55


X:-2110 Z:-1280

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Medium Threatlevel Threatlevel


Food, Leather, Chain, Iron

Health potions


Water source

No longer

Crafting table

Yes, in the kitchen of one of the homes.



Yongton Abbey is a newly added town located at (X-2110  Z-1280). It has a 3 block high mossy cobblestone wall which can be jumped over at some spots. The city consists of one church in the center with multiple houses surronding it. The church also has a basement which will spawn chainmail armor and stone weapons and axes. The stables spawn arrows, bows, and sometimes chainmail and iron armor (though it is much easier). There is also a chest on the top of the church that you can parkour your way up to that contains enchanted weapons, chainmail armor, and more common, iron armor.

Yongton Abbey is easy to reach from Yawpton, but there are 15-20 zombies surrounding the town. You need to be careful of the medium amount of zombies inside the walls. Reaching the town is definitely worth it, it's safe inside the town, provides food for up to 2-3 people and good weapons and decent armor are inside. There is not a water source and crafting tables inside. You can't stay for long in Yongton Abbey due to the lack of water.

(Note), that the only food that spawns is in the mess hall and can often not be enough to share. Although it often spawns bowls and plenty of mushrooms. It can take also 6-10 hours to get full chain while getting iron armor can be a long wait, if you choose to camp the chests be wary of bandits around this town groups of them may be camping the chests. The church's roof is hard for zombies to get too, so if you are being chased, you can hop up there and dispatch them easily.

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