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The oversize Tree


X: 2495 Z:-3480

Location Type


Zombie Threat

Medium Threatlevel.png Threatlevel.png


Iron, Chain

Health Potions


Water Source


Crafting Table




Zerbia is located East of Al Hasa, at (2495, -3480). Zebria is a very big complex of buildings and hallways built inside a massive tree. There's only one house on the outside of the tree, the rest of the buildings are only accessible through the opening of the tree. There is about 9 or 10 chests that spawn in the tree, and the tree goes past the cloud line with lots zombies spawning inside the tree they easly ambush you as they spawn in diffrent rooms. Zombies will spawn outside the tree. Zerbia's tree is very dark inside, and is by far the creepiest place Minez has to offer. Since it's dark, it can be very hard to see other player's nameplates, so travel in the tree with caution because there is usually bandits that might be hiding inside.


The chests in Zerbia contains a surplus amount of military loot, including iron swords, little iron armor, and enchanted bows. Since Zerbia is massive, you can travel up and down the tree picking up loot from the chests. However, there is no food in Zerbia, even though there are crafting tables everywhere. It's a good idea to stock up on food before coming, because food is hard to come by in the places all around Zerbia.
  • Main Lobby
  • Example of the Dark Corridoors

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