Health 30
Damage 8
Spawn Everywhere

100% of chance.

Zombies are fast and dangerous brutes - modified by the MineZ Developers to be clever, relentless and deadly.

They often travel in packs, run almost as fast as you can while sprinting, and deal two hearts of damage to an unarmored traveler. They can see you through windows, and if you're close enough, smell you.

A good way to avoid them is by sneaking. Sneaking reduces your visibility, which makes the zombies less likely to spot you.

You will not encounter a single normal Minecraft zombie in MineZ.


  • Zombies run and swim faster, see further, hit harder, and act smarter.
  • Zombies will chase you until they lose sight of you.
    • If you do manage to outrun them, they will go to your last known location to look around.
  • Zombies are attracted to loud noises such as fights, carelessly thrown Grenades and Snowballs.
  • Zombies group together and wander around as a group.
  • Whenever a player dies, they turn into a zombie with whatever armor they were wearing, along with the item they were holding, making player zombies much more deadly than normal zombies.
    • If a player's zombie is killed, it will drop that player's items.
  • If you are hit by a zombie in combat, you have a chance to become infected.
  • Zombies are more common in Towns and areas where Loot chests appear.
  • Zombies have a 25% chance of dropping Rotten Flesh.
  • Zombies do not take damage from fire (either the block or status), but do take damage from lava.

Fighting TipsEdit

  • Try to move backward whilst swinging at them, this will stop the zombies getting in range of you.
    • Circling around zombies is also a good way to dodge their attacks.
    • Crouch whilst fighting to knock them further back and get more hits in.
  • Some people will run and jump to attract a large horde of zombies.
  • If you shoot a zombie with an arrow, it will be slowed for about 3 seconds. However, the zombie and its nearby friends will try to find you.
  • Zombies can have a difficult time getting up half slabs and stairs. Use these locations as your high ground when defending yourself.
  • Although zombies are a serious threat in MineZ, their pathfinding is based on the standard Minecraft zombie AI:
    • Zombies will not perform jumps that their standard Minecraft AI can't do.
    • Zombies will not climb ladders or vines (unless shoved into it by another entity.
      • As of 1.4, zombies will take longer falls to get to you.
    • If you are on the same Y level as the zombie it will prioritize finding a path that goes on that level, even if there is a shorter path that requires the zombie to jump.

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